The North Country Agency Difference:
Price, Protection and The Customer Experience...
A New Kind of Insurance Professionals

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North Country Agency was built on the philosophy of the Customer Experience.  All of our processes are designed around YOU and protecting your family or business.  We want your experience with us to be delightful.  Our goal is to make the process of getting a quote to be easy and understandable.  Our processes insure that we get to know you and understand what keeps you up at night.  Then we solve those issues at the right price.


                                                                              No Hassle, No Pressure Guarantee !

If we determine that you have a better value currently, we'll recommend you keep your policies in place. Here's a Secret...we offer so much free value, it's hard to resist switching to us.


Professional Insurance  Advisor and Asset Protector


Our goal is to eventually become your Professional Insurance Advisor,  Someone that you can rely on.  Someone you can trust to protect you assets.


Claims Advocate :

We nurture our clients through the claims process.  We are your watchdog.  If anything negatively impacts your claims experience, our advocates will fix it.   Another Secret...usually our clients give us Excellent report cards after the claim is settled.
Switching is easy and Guaranteed


If we are a good fit together, we'll forge ahead with our partnership.  We will cancel your old policies, you don't have to contact your old agent or insurer.  And if we do not deliver on our promise of price, protection or service, then we will cancel your new policies and refund your money for up to 10 days.

24/7 Service


You can always call during business hours to request changes or ask billing questions. However, it may be more convenient for you to Select our TEXTING Service option, anytime of the day or night @ 315-350-3161. We will respond in a business day, or less; and you will receive that response when it's convenient for you, the way you want it...text, email or phone.
We are different. It's why we are so successful and why our clients love us!

PHONE: 315-769-9054                                                                                                                    TEXT 24/7:  315-350-3161