Contractors Insurance


Every job a contractor brings in is worth money but there is also risk. Accidents happen and that's a fact. Insurance can keep you in business in case something goes wrong. Combining a business Property/ Contractors Equipment policy with General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Workers Compensation, and more, means you can cover all your contractor's needs in one place with one policy. Who wants the hassle of dealing with multiple companies and policies when you can do it all quickly, easily and in one place?


Perhaps your business is new, or maybe you had insurance for a one-man project but now you need better coverage for a bigger commercial deal. Whichever is the case, it is important to keep on top of your Contractors Insurance because otherwise not only could your job be at risk, but the whole company. North Country Agency Insurance offer customized quotes for Contractor Insurance including any or all of the following:


    Trucks and other commercial vehicles
    Workers compensation

Of course, price is always a concern where contractors are concerned but if you choose a customized policy you have full control of the amounts and types of coverage you want to pay for, and you should be pleasantly surprised at the affordable price. Start planning Contractors Insurance right now so you have adequate coverage in place as soon as you get your next job, and then the costs can be incorporated into it. It is easy to get a quick, accurate quote based on your own individual requirements and preferences.


This type of insurance is suitable for many types of contractors whether your business is construction, painting, landscaping, cleaning, carpentry, snow plowing, handyman, or something else. This type of insurance can protect you and your company against lawsuits and other types of financial liabilities due to accidents or other mishaps.
Big or small we can cover them all!
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