If so, congratulations! Buying a new home is exciting, exhausting, and time consuming, but you are so close to owning your own home and you should be proud of yourself. There are just a few more steps to take and one of them is securing a Homeowners Insurance Quote. Your mortgage lender most likely requires a certain amount of home insurance coverage (they need to protect their investment, after all) but you should know your options for further coverage.


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Protect Your Investment with the Right Home Insurance.


Buying a new home or shopping around for a new policy, one of the most expensive things you will buy and own in your lifetime is your home. If something major were to happen to your home, it would be a catastrophe. Having the right Homeowners Insurance Coverage will protect you, your home, and provide security for the future.



Upgrading Your Home?

Upgrade Your Homeowners Insurance, Too.

Adding value to your home is not only a great monetary investment, but an investment in your quality of life. Protect your investment with the right amount of home insurance coverage. Depending on the renovations and upgrades, the policy that covered 80% of your home’s value may drop to only cover 70% of your home’s value. Call us today and request a coverage analysis.


Homeowners Insurance for Multiple Homes and Vacation Homes.

If you’re buying a second home, whether it’s an investment property or a vacation home, give it the same treatment you give your main home. Don’t assume it will be best to go with the insurance company you use for your current property. Rates change based upon a series of factors and each insurance provider will have a different offering.


Typically, it’s true what they say: Combining your home and auto policies with one insurance provider can result in a multi-policy discount. Sometimes it works out really well for the policy holder but other times, the only one that makes out well is the insurance provider. Make sure you do your research before signing on for a policy package or speak with an independent insurance agent that can get you quotes from multiple providers.

Your New Home Insurance Agency

There are plenty of options and you need to make sure you have the right Homeowners Insurance Policy. That’s where North Country Agency comes in. Tell us your needs and we’ll get you into a policy that meets them. You can rely on us to be here for you throughout the life of your policy and beyond.


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