Home Insurance FAQ's


During a storm, a tree from my neighbor's yard fell and destroyed my fence.  Does my homeowner's policy pay for the damage or does my neighbor's policy.


This is a very tricky, popular question that leaves most consumers confused.  There are many under lying factors with many different variables that will determine the ultimate decision of the carrier.  In general, your own policy will cover the loss.  However, if the tree fell due to your neighbors negligence (not addressing a rotting or dead tree) your carrier may be able to retrieve the amount that they paid you for the loss and the deductible that you paid your carrier, from your neighbors home owners insurance carrier.


Our sump pump failed and the insurance company is denying our claim because the water backed up through our sewers.  Can they do this?


Although some policies will allow coverage for sump pump failure due to a power outage as soon as sewers and backup enter the equation the dynamics of the coverage change.  (back to understanding not only what is covered but what is also excluded)  The majority of insurance companies will exclude coverage for damages that are caused due to backup of sewers and drains.  "Backup of sewers and drains" is an endorsement that needs to be added to your policy for coverage to go into effect.  You should contact your current agent to determine if this is a coverage that has been endorsed on your policy.  You can also give us a call and one of our talented,caring licensed agents can take a look at your current policy and help you understand what you are covered for and where there are gaps.


My boat was stolen and now my insurance company will not pay the claim on my homeowners policy.  Can they deny my claim?


Theft to watercraft, furnishings, equipment and outboards are generally not covered if the theft occurs outside of your property.  In order to sufficiently cover your boats (or any recreational toys for that matter) you should contact North Country Agency Insurance and ask a quote for your boat or watercraft because separate policies are required for coverage.


A rainstorm has caused flooding and has damaged my basement.  Will my homeowners insurance cover this?


As a rule of thumb flood damages caused by rainwater are typically always excluded by a homeowners policy.  Regardless of the flooding history or dangers in your community everyone should purchase a flood policy.  You do not need to live near water or have flooded in the past to justify the need for purchasing a flood policy.  Typographical changes, construction development and many other changes can increase the danger of flooding in your area, you do not need to live near water to experience or fall victim to a flood.  Flood is the number one claim in the US.  The good news is, that flood insurance is a National program and the NFIP sets the rates and they are the same across the board regardless of where or whom you purchase the NFIP policy from. 

 North Country Agency Insurance writes flood insurance nationwide and we are flood experts.  Give us a call today to see how much it will cost you to protect your largest investment.


The food in my freezer went bad because I lost power in my home.  Will this be covered under my homeowners Insurance policy?


Remember that everything is subject to your deductible.  If your deductible is $500 and you lost $400 worth of food, well that loss is going to be on you.  This is a very popular coverage that some carriers will offer for an additional premium and can be added by endorsement.  For most carriers this is not an automatic coverage built into the policy.  Call your current agent to see what you are covered for in this situation.


I have specifically insured antique items listed on my homeowners policy.  If I have a total loss, would the insurance company pay me the insured value?


The carrier will likely seek the advise of a few antique dealers to help them determine the value of the items.  You will be paid based on the advise of those antique dealers.  If you disagree with their decision you can follow the proper steps for dispute resolution outlined in your policy and you should also contact your agent for more direction and help.  The best way around this is to have your items appraised and then insure them for that value.  To avoid complications keep those appraisals up to date and ALWAYS pass the info along to your agent and carrier.


When can an Insurance company cancel my homeowners insurance during my policy term?


Typically, the carrier can cancel your homeowners insurance policy for any of these reasons;


    Property is vacant for more than 30 days
    Conviction of a crime that would increase the risk exposure
    Cancellation for non payment



My house was completely destroyed by a fire.  I am trying to collect on the contents of my home but the insurance company is telling me I need an inventory.  Can they do that?


YES- the carriers do not just go shelling out money.  North Country Agency Insurance always recommends for you to keep an up to date inventory of the items that you purchase.  Another good idea is to take photos of individual items and rooms in your home and keep them in a safe place.  The company is required to pay for the personal property that you can prove that you owned.  We have a Home inventory check list to help you get started.Contact us today to get your free home inventory list today.


This is likely barely touching the surface with questions that you may have in regard to your personal lines insurance policies.  We have a team of friendly staff that are very good at what they do and love empowering people to make better decisions regarding some of their most precious assets.  To suffer a loss is bad enough, the last thing you need is for your entire life style to be uprooted due to not having adequate insurance coverage.  Give us a call today and let us take the worry and headache out of your insurance.

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