Artisan Contractors Insurance


Skilled artisans are known for precise, high quality work. As a skilled artisan, you do not want things you are unable to control take away your reputation or livelihood. Artisan Contractors Insurance ensures your work and tools are protected by a personalized policy. This type of insurance will often cost less than you might imagine, and North Country Agency Insurance can craft a policy just for you with only the parts you really need. Our Specialty Contractors Insurance can offer the following protection:


    General Liability
    Commercial Auto
    Business Property
    Worker's Comp
    Custom Coverage (protection for tools, storage, installation, and transit)


This insurance is available to contractors such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics, masons, carpenters, and other tradesmen who do not subcontract much of their work, along with artisans who offer specific services. General Contractors Insurance differs from Artisan Contractors Insurance in what is covered and we can tailor a policy specifically for you. Before your next job, invest in this insurance to make sure your business is protected and give you peace of mind.


A leak in your insurance protection can mean a sudden end to your business. If your income is dependent on your reputation, you will not want the reputation you worked hard to build go down the drain without protecting yourself properly. What happens if your truck disappears one day, you damage an item you are working on, or one of your expensive tools suddenly breaks?


Mistakes happen every day for businesses, but if you are a contractor who installs, repairs or creates things for homes or businesses and something goes wrong, it could be the end of your business unless you have proper coverage.


Having a plan in place which can protect your reputation and livelihood is crucial. If you are a skilled artisan contractor (specializing in a specific craft) you probably qualify for this type of insurance. Specialty Contractors Insurance is largely about liability. Every contracting business has its own pitfalls and risks, and oversights can happen any day. It is vital to make sure you are prepared for anything to happen. Artisans' insurance can cover you and your business in case something bad happens.
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