Restaurant Insurance


Restaurant Insurance is one of the most important ingredients in a successful restaurant plan. Whether you have a sit-down restaurant, a bar, delivery service or storage facility, you will find that a general Business Insurance policy by itself is not enough to cover you fully. Your policy is customizable depending on the features of your business.


A restaurateur knows there are many factors involved in running a successful business. Exposing your business to unnecessary risks would be a huge mistake, because it means you would be risking your business should any accidents or mishaps occur. Food Service Insurance is more affordable than you might imagine, and as well as offering general business protection, it will include unique protections such as:


    Liquor Liability
    Food Contamination Liability
    Specific Peril Insurance


From fire damage to employee or customer injuries onsite, or food storage caused by the breakdown of equipment, our Restaurant Insurance will help to shield and cover you in case of these risks. Before you send out one more plate of food, consider investing in Food Service Insurance if you do not already have it, to shield yourself in case of any accidents or mishaps.


Not only should every dish you serve be enjoyed, but every step of the culinary process from chopping your ingredients, fire-roasting and grilling to dishing up dessert, and finally having your customers leave happy and satisfied, should be covered.


North Country Agency Insurance offer policies tailored to meet any kind of restaurant, from small, family-owned ones to casual, family or fine dining restaurants, franchised ones, food management contractors, independent restaurants or chain restaurants. The exposures of the restaurant industry are as unique as the meals you offer on the menu, so ensure you have proper Food Service Insurance in place to cover you whatever might happen.
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