Commercial Property Insurance


Investing in a Commercial Property Insurance policy is a wise idea because it means the key components of your business are protected. When considering the valuable parts of your company the first things to come to mind might well be larger objects like buildings and vehicles, but when you add up the value of the smaller items, such as computers, furniture and product inventory, you can see how much value is in there too.


Imagine if a storm damages your outdoor sign, a burst water pipe destroys your documents or drawings, or a fire destroys the contents of your building. If you do not have the right type of insurance, you could very well lose everything, or at least be faced with a huge bill for repairs or replacements, and nobody needs that kind of headache. Business Property Insurance can be customized for your needs, to cover any of the following:


    The building itself
    Furniture and equipment
    Outdoor signage
    Fences and landscaping
    Neighboring properties


Commercial Property Insurance can protect against damages or loss. With Business Property Insurance from North Country Agency Insurance, you can relax in the knowledge that your furniture, inventory, files, and other equipment are covered, whether you own or lease your space. This type of insurance can help you survive the loss of big and small property, and you have cover to replace anything that gets lost, stolen, damaged or broken.


As for the price, we offer a customized policy with variable options so you can decide exactly what you want covered. This allows you to control your insurance costs. This type of insurance is ideal for any business owner who has property to insure.


Your property is going to change from time to time, so it is important to keep on top of your Business Property Insurance and ensure you are saving money and make sure everything you want to be covered is actually covered. A no-risk quote will let you know what the premiums will be and then you can rest assured your business property will be fully protected.
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