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It is almost impossible to know everything about everything.  You don't know what you don't know, right?  It is very important to us at North Country Agency Insurance, that we educate everyone that we possibly can.  We want to empower everyone, whether a client or a prospect, to make the best decisions possible.  Insurance is complicated, there is definitely a cause and effect for everything that happens, whether it be at fault or not.  There are many loopholes and exclusions and unless you enjoy reading the wording on your policies it is difficult to translate and make sense of everything.


We wanted to put together frequently asked questions for auto insurance.   If they do not address immediate questions or concerns that you may have, at the very least it may draw attention to the things that you should question or pay close attention to.




What is full coverage?


The term "full coverage" typically means both liability coverage and coverage for damage to your vehicle (comprehensive and collision) in the event of an accident are listed on your policy.  However, the term "full coverage" does not mean that everything is covered regardless of what has happened.  The declaration page to your current auto policy will list the coverages that you presently have.  You can contact a North Country Agency Insurance team member and have them translate your policy for you if need be.


Am I covered if I drive someone else's vehicle?


The rule of thumb is, the insurance follows the vehicle.  If you were to have an accident while driving a vehicle that was owned by someone else, the owner of that vehicles insurance policy would kick it.  In the event that the owner of that vehicle was under insured or does not have any insurance at all, then generally speaking your auto insurance would come into play via something called subrogation, especially if your found to be at fault of the accident.


If I rent a car, am I covered?


Typically, there are daily fees that you pay when you rent a vehicle, which means their insurance pays for any damages that are covered under your rental agreement.  These rules apply differently state by state.  Depending on which state you live in rental car coverage can be covered under a personal auto.  Contact us for more details.


Will my policy be canceled if I have an accident?


Under normal circumstances your policy will not be canceled because you had an accident, however this will likely cause a premium increase at your renewal.


What deductible should I choose?


The higher the deductible the lower the premium, but the more out of pocket that you will pay in the event of a claim.  The lower the deductible the higher the premium, which will result in less out of pocket expenses when a claim happens.


Does the kind of car I drive impact my insurance rates?


Absolutely, especially when you purchase comprehensive and collision coverages.  Carriers will take a few factors into consideration when rating your policy.  For example, how often is your kind of car stolen?  How costly are the parts for repair?


Why do car insurance premiums change?


Insurance carriers also incur the same increases that you do when purchasing goods or services, some of it is the nature of the beast, like inflation.  Other factors could be due to the cost of auto repairs has increased, medical expenses to treat injuries, claims adjusting is a large culprit and the carriers expenses that they must pay out for their customer when they are hit by an uninsured or under insured driver. Keep in mind that if you made any changes through out the year that will also reflect on your renewal.  Driving habits, adding/deleting vehicles, adding/deleting/drivers or adding and deleting coverages.


What can I do to keep my car Insurance premiums low?


Maintaining a good driving record that is accident and ticket free (moving violation) is a great place to start.  Depending on the state where you live, accidents and tickets from moving violations will follow you and your record for up to 3 years, which insurance carriers will use to penalizeyou when calculating your rate.


Another option is to drive a safe, older model, or less expensive vehicle.  For obvious reasons, this would be a way to drive down your insurance costs.  Choosing a higher deductible will also keep your premium lower and never allow your insurance to lapse.  You should never be late on any of your insurance bills. This will also reflect in a higher premium!


How do I find the best auto insurance for me?


This process can be quite overwhelming, not to mention a lot of work, especially if you are seeking quotes from multiple carriers. We recommend finding a local Independent agent.  An Independent agent is not captive to only one insurance carrier they are able to do the shopping for you and get back multiple quotes from multiple carriers in a matter of minutes.  NORTH COUNTRY AGENCY Insurance is an Independent agent and we represent over 50insurance CompanysGive us a call and let us do the work for you.


What kinds of discounts are available for auto insurance?


Depending on the carrier this may vary.  A good rule of thumb and the most common discounts are; purchasing home and auto through the same carrier, good student, driving education, education & occupation, mileage, airbags, owning more than 1 vehicle, use of company vehicle and many more.  Give North Country Agencya call today to see what you qualify for.




If we did not answer a question or concern that you have please feel free to reach out to one of our talented,  team members, whether you are a current customer or not, we would be happy to assist. 
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