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Does Your Policy Have You Covered?

How protected are you? If your car is stolen, you would want your insurance company to help you with a replacement vehicle. Does your policy include theft? If you cause an accident, your insurance policy will cover repairs to the vehicle you hit. Will it cover repairs to your car? What if a driver without insurance collides into your vehicle? Will your insurance company cover you?

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Choosing Limited coverage over Full coverage may seem like an easy way to bring down the cost of your premium, but do you understand what you are giving up? There are plenty of terms and equations used in formulating your premium and if you are unsure what they mean or want to check you are making the right choices for your needs, contact North Country Agency today  

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What About Your Other Vehicles?


If you are looking to insure a motorcycle, RV, boat or other watercraft, you'll need a different type of insurance policy. We even offer specialized Classic Car Insurance for your rare, exotic or restored vehicle! No matter your situation, we can help!
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