For the owner of a vintage vehicle, your classic car is your baby. Perhaps it is the car you always wanted as a kid or you the one you have dreamed of owning for a long time. A great deal of time and energy has going into restoring your classic automobile. Just like purchasing a home, owning a vintage vehicle is a major investment. Therefore, you want to make absolutely certain that your investment is fully protected with the best classic car insurance.
The Difference Between Everyday Cars And Classic Cars


The term classic car is used to describe distinctive vehicles that were manufactured from 1925 to 1948. An antique car is one that is at least forty-five years older or older. Antique and classic cars by the standards of today are not considered to be safe for regular driving. Typically, these vehicles do not feature rollover protection, crumple zones or seat belts. This means that they require specialized collector car insurance.


As a collector, you understand that classic cars are treated and used much differently than everyday cars. An everyday car is driven on a regular basis, as the value continues to decrease with every trip. On the other hand, a classic car is driven very infrequently for only a few miles and kept in storage for an extended amount of time. In addition, the value of a classic car increases over time.


For this reason, a classic car is considered to be an investment, and requires coverage that is more specialized than a typical Auto Insurance policy. As an investment, it will appreciate in value. It just makes good sense that you would protect your investment with classic car insurance that will take the increasing value of the vehicle into account. This way, if you ever suffer a loss, you will be able to rest assured that your classic car is sufficiently covered.


One similarity between the family sedan and a classic car is that both vehicle can be driven. This means that both are at risk of sustaining damage, being involved in an accident or being stolen. Therefore, with both types of automobile, you will want to invest in proper collision, comprehensive and liability coverage.


Because antique and classic cars maintain or increase in value with time, it is vital that you have an agent that will work with you to make certain that you are covered for the full value of the automobile, as opposed to depreciated value. At North Country Insurance Agency we understand that classic cars are distinctively different from regular everyday cars. Therefore, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that we have your best interest in mind with the coverage that we provide.

Protecting Your Valuable Car

Understanding the exact value of your classic car and the amount of insurance to purchase can be a tricky thing to determine. The reason for this is that the actual value of such a car is difficult to determine before the car is sold. After all, the value of an antique car is directly related to the amount of money that someone is willing to pay for it.

On the other hand, the value of a classic car may be estimated while you are still in possession of the vehicle by following a few simple guidelines, such as:


    Research - Look through car guides, speaking with professional appraisers and searching for results of recent auctions where similar cars were sold.
    Inspection and condition rating - The better condition the vehicle is in, the greater the estimated value will be. Manual restoration will also have an effect on the value of the car.
    Custom furnishings and parts - Keep the receipts for these items as well as any receipts from classic automobile shops.


Once you have all of this information, you and your North Country Agency Insurance agent will be better equipped to find the antique car insurance policy that best meets your needs.

Bad Things Can Happen To Good Cars

Antique car owners have to file many of the same claims that are filed by other vehicle owners. However, collector car insurance concerns are not the same.

When a classic car is vandalized, stolen or damaged during transportation to a vintage car show, your concerns are different. You have to worry about your restored wood and leather furnishings, specialty paint jobs and other custom parts. All of these things are quite expensive to replace.

Therefore, in addition to coverage that protects your antique car while it is in storage you will also need antique car insurance that will protect the vehicle during transportation.

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