General Liability Insurance


Our General Liability Insurance covers the costs of legal fees and the resulting award if one is given. Every transaction a business owner makes represents a risk as well as a profit. Is your business protected in the case of a customer lawsuit? Maybe you have been putting off dealing with insurance or perhaps you have a current policy which you assume is offering you all the protection you need but should really be reassessed.


The only way to protect your company from this type of expense and stress is to have a good Business Liability Insurance policy in place. This will bring you peace of mind in case of a customer lawsuit. You will not have to worry about mounting attorney costs as the case drags on.


A business liability policy is surprisingly affordable considering the comprehensive coverage and peace of mind it offers you. We offer customized insurance so you will only need to pay for the risks your company might face.


Every business risks lawsuits in this day and age, even if the claim is unwarranted. The cost of legal processes, not to mention the high stress such a scenario would bring, is enough to completely destroy some businesses. Liability Insurance can be broken down into 4 main types:


    Public Liability
    Personal Liability
    Business Liability
    Professional Liability


In addition, you might wish to think about an Umbrella Insurance policy to shield any personal assets in the incidence of a company lawsuit. If you do not already have a policy in place, it is time to get your no-risk quote and find out how affordable this type of insurance is. Every day that passes without the proper coverage exposes your business to risk.


There is no such thing as being too careful. In addition, every business is different and has different needs when it comes to the best Business Liability Insurance policy. There is no 'one size fits all' and for this reason, it is worth learning more about the best policy or package to suit your requirements.
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